1. Two People

From the recordings Sweet Goodbye and Two People

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Two People

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Written and Performed by Alyssa Tess
Vocals and Ac. Guitar: Alyssa Tess
Baritone Guitar: Jaron Camp
Electric Bass: Alex Lii
Piano: Maggie Maloney
Drums/Percussion: Brandon Pellatt
Auxiliary Percussion: David Ball
Studio and Mix Engineer: Matthew Manifould
Mastering Engineer: Reuben Ghose
Producer: Becky Leigh
Studio Assistant: Aaron Tymec
Cover Art: Cameron Mady


People in love
Give me something to dream of
It’s all new
I never took these risks until there was you

And I’d like to see what it’s like to be
Two people in love

With a dash of trust
And maybe some good old fairy dust
I will vow
To be your other half the best I know how

I’d like to be forever you and me
Two people in love

Two people in love

What can I say
You had my heart from the first day
And I’ll admit
When it comes to you I’m always in
Yeah I’d like to be what everyone else wants to be
Two people in love

Two people in love